Bd. 45, Nr. 2 (2016)

Austrian foreign policy


Einleitung zum Schwerpunkt

Austrian foreign policy and 20 years of EU membership: opportunities and constraints PDF (English)
Patrick Müller, Heidi Maurer 1-9

Forschungsartikel zum Schwerpunkt

Austrian development policy - from global to neighbourhood policy? PDF (English)
Simon Lightfoot, Michael Obrovsky 11-21
Europeanization and regional cooperation initiatives: Austria’s participation in the Salzburg Forum and in Central European Defence Cooperation PDF (English)
Patrick Müller 23-34
Austrian diplomacy in a changing global and European context: Between innovation, adaptation and resilience PDF (English)
Heidi Maurer 35-47


Austrian foreign policy 1995-2015 PDF (English)
Helmut Kramer 49-57


Carayannis/Campbell/Efthymiopoulos (eds.) (2014): Cyber-development, cyber-democracy and cyber-defense PDF
Maria Elisabeth Haupt 59-60
Bast/Carayannis/Campbell (eds.) (2015): Arts, research, innovation and society PDF
Stefan Marx 61-62
Bargetz et al. (Hg.) (2016): Kritik und Widerstand PDF
Magdalena Freudenschuss 63-64
Wodak (2015): The politics of fear PDF
Matthias Falter 65-66